About Us

An effort to change the lives of children and young people

YATAN is a non profit society registered under the societies registration act of 1850. Yatan which means ‘an effort’ was founded in 2015 by a group of academicians,teachers and youth with the aim of empowering children and women of economically weaker sections, through relevant education and vocational training using modern teaching concepts and technical assistance.
YATAN has two branches : Gurgaon and Lucknow


We believe that quality education is not only a fundamental right of every child but a medium that can empower the youth. Women empowerment will lead not only improve their livelihood but will play a major role in upliftment of the society. To achieve this, multiple projects have been outlined by the society.


 The primary objectives of Yatan are:

  • To provide education to children.
  • To provide women and children with vocational skills.
  • To identify children from under privileged backgrounds and help build their confidence and awareness.
  • To economically empower women from rural and slum areas.
  • To improve the self esteem and confidence of both women and kids from the under privileged segment.
  • To reduce the harmful effects of plastics and damage done to the environment by introducing eco friendly stationery.


*The vision of Yatan is to impart basic education to children .

*The emphasis is on providing education not in typical classroom manner but to give a        child wider canvas of exposure in a socio cultural environment.

* Women empowerment

* To reduce the harmful effects of plastics.


Yatan’s mission is to empower under privileged children, youth and women through relevant educatio ,digital and livelihood programme.