Father’s Day

Father's Day

Not with a tie, nor fancy cufflinks grand, But with a hand that’s strong and a heart that’s planned To guide and teach, to hold and mend, A father’s love, a gift that knows no end. With playful jokes and stories spun at night, He chases fears and fills the world with light. A scraped knee soothed, a bike that’s learned to fly, A father’s pride beams brightly within his eye. Through teenage woes and dreams that take their flight, He stands as a rock, a beacon ever bright. With gentle nudges, and wisdom shared and true, A father’s faith reminds us, “We believe in you.” So on this day, with love that fills the air, We thank the dads, for all the burdens they bear. For messy games and bedtime stories told, A father’s love, more precious than pure gold.

Every child deserves the opportunity to express love and appreciation for their father. This year we helped our children to create crafts for Father’s Day. This workshop goes beyond just glitter and glue; it’s about providing a platform for underprivileged children to celebrate their fathers and strengthen their bonds.

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