You would be surprised on the extent of cloth recycling ideas

recycling clothes

India has a formidable textile industry with an equally robust market. Any festive season is accompanied by clothes shopping for the entire family. But what happens to the old clothes. They are not thrown in the garbage bins. We Indians either donate or recycle clothes.

How we recycle at Yatan

We at Yatan receive clothes donation all year long. First we segregate clothes as per their condition. Quite a few of them are as good as condition to wear. Some clothes which have a few defects can be transformed into clothes of smaller size.

If the clothes are not fit enough to wear we create cloth bags out of them. We have experimented with other ideas like door mat or pillow covers.

The last lot which remains is the cloth that cannot be used for any purpose so we utilise it for making the inner lining of a stray dog shelter. We also make blankets, pillows and beds for the stray dogs using these. Also these can be stitched into clothes for the stray dogs to protect them during winters.

Whatever the clothes, whatever we get, we make sure that they are properly utilized by the most interesting recycling ideas.

Do you have a recycling idea to share?

Yatan is always looking for ideas and volunteers. If you believe in our cause, you can make a difference. There are a whole lot of skills which can be imparted to children. Your efforts will change lives.

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